Posted on 8. September 2015 by Christian M. Degen on Exhibition

KUNST 15 ZÜRICH – We’re part of it!

Visit us at the contemporary art fair in Zurich taking place from October 29th to Novemver 1st at the KUNST 15 ZÜRICH. The charm of this small but mighty fair lies in its rich diversity, ranging from multimedia installations and photography to painting and sculpture, from the figurative to the abstract, from conceptual to spontaneous, from small pieces to […]

Posted on 17. May 2015 by Christian M. Degen on Exhibition

SCOPE – our artists at the premier showcase for emerging contempary art – June 17th-22nd

Saša Marianovic and Milan Tucovic are part of the exhibited artist at the premier showcase for international emerging contemporary art and multi-disciplinary creative programming. Renowned for its uncanny ability to forecast new visual trends that are embraced globally, SCOPE Art Shows garner extensive critical acclaim and over 500 million annual impressions across print, digital and […]

Posted on 16. May 2015 by Christian M. Degen on Exhibition

photo basel – art fair for artistic photography – June 17-20th

We are exhibiting at Switzerland´s first international art fair solely dedicated to photography. Visit us from June 17th to 20th at Ackermannshof in Basel. In recent years, photography has established itself in the art market and museums. Photo basel wants to emphasise the importance photography has gained and is proud to provide a dedicated and unique platform. Don’t want […]

Posted on 30. August 2014 by Christian M. Degen on Exhibition

4th Mixed Art in the Basel Art Center

We proudly represent our artists: Sergej Aparin, Sasa Marjanovic, Endre Penovac, Jovana Tucovic, Milan Tucovic and Silva Vujovic at the 4th Mixed Art in the Basel ART CENTER, Halle 33. The charity event in favor of the foundation PRO UKBB starts with a Vernissage on March 27th and is open March 28th & 29th showcasing […]